The First Batting Tee To Effectively Teach Knowledge of the Strike Zone

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Deliver true game practice with Robosport’s revolutionary products.

Robotic Batting Tee

Prevents batters from hitting the ball in the same consecutive spot. Forces batters to “rethink” each swing.

3D Strike Zone Tee

Offers thousands of randomized positions from a 1 to 3-dimensional personal strike zone. First batting tee to effectively teach “knowledge of the strike zone.”

IoT Connected
Mobile App

Controls min and max position levels based on batter’s height, stance and MLB strike zone rules.

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Our Featured Technology: The Robotic Batting (RBT)


  • Min and Max Heights are custom programmed based upon a batter’s height, stance, and MLB strike zone rules
  • Telescopic feature that automatically repositions itself at a new random location thus preventing batters from hitting a ball in the same consecutive spot
  • Fosters Neuro-motor plasticity by forcing batters to “re-think” each and every swing
  • Promotes Knowledge of the Strike Zone by creating a full 3D Resolution rather than creating muscle memory for just one position or hot spot
  • Rids the body of muscle memory by developing brain-body connectivity that can adapt quickly to any incoming ball within the strike zone

The First Batting Tee To Effectively Teach Knowledge of the Strike Zone

Unleashing Athletic Potential by Expanding the Mind-Muscle Connection

Robosport Technologies is a sports performance enhancement company that asks one question: Do sports training methods and technology foster neuroplasticity?* We pursue new methods and develop novel sports training products only if the answer is YES.

*Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections and allows the neurons to adjust their activities to new situations or to changes in their environment.